Discovering Color and Pattern

Discovering Color and Pattern

At Roostery we love color and pattern. But, with so many different designs to choose from, narrowing your selection down to just a few accent pieces can be a little overwhelming. Keep reading for unique living room inspiration and a few helpful Roostery pointers.

From ikat to cats and everything in between!        Learn how to introduce themes, colors and styles in your home.  Pillow d    esigner credits below.

From ikat to cats and everything in between!  Learn how to introduce themes, colors and styles in your home. Pillow designer credits below.

There are myriad approaches for introducing patterns and color throughout your home; the key really comes down to doing it in a way that makes your space feel both expressive and cohesive.

To bring a sense of intentionality into your space, you’ll need to remember two things. First, you’ll want to add just enough repetition of color to create a sense of consistency in the space. Second, add just enough contrast to lead your eye from one accent to the next throughout the space. From there, you can go wild with individuality!

For example, you could include a magenta floral Venda chair in the corner of your living room and then add a few color-coordinated Serama throw pillows on a nearby loveseat or couch. Or, you could hang a lemon themed Orpington tea towel from your stove handle and add a couple of cheery yellow polka dot Catalan pillows to your breakfast nook.

As shown in the images from Apartment Therapy above, introducing color and pattern in an intentional way helps to emphasize the room’s color palette and theme through repetition without being too matchy-matchy in any one area. Today, I’ve outlined a few of my favorite approaches for selecting cohesive but one-of-a-kind home décor on Roostery.

By Designer

One of my favorite approaches is to explore by designer. While some Spoonflower designers have an incredible variety of work, you’ll often find similarities in style and color peppered throughout their shops.

When you are shopping in the Roostery marketplace and come across a product you like, you can always click directly on the designer name to visit their Roostery design shop.

Here, I’ve pulled a few interesting options from Mirjamauno's shop. This selection is engaging because it is visually diverse in both scale and background color; but, when placed in a room together the similarity in the colorway and artistic style on these three pieces will help to pull the eye throughout your space.

Here is a really fun and bright roundup from Fable_Design's shop. The variety in texture and scale helps keep the collection interesting while Fable_Design's consistent red and pink colorway creates a sense of cohesion.

By Theme or Keyword

Another fun approach is to shop by theme. Here, I searched for keyword shibori–a Japanese dyeing technique–that traditionally features indigo dyes on white fabrics. Though each of these designs is by a different designer and features a different scale and level of detail, the unity in theme and colorway makes them perfect compliments to one another.

Here I searched for forest themed designs. While browsing, I kept an eye out for cream and gray patterns. Even though these 4 patterns are all very different the repetition of neutral colors and nature-themed motifs creates a strong sense of theme.

By Color

The easiest way to find designs that work together is to search by color. On Roostery you can add color keywords in the search bar or use the colorpicker tool.

I, personally, like to close my eyes and visualize the space I am planning to decorate and then add a visual dot of color to see how it feels. I think “Hm…. kelly green, nah… rich eggplant purple!… probably not… oh, maybe mint would brighten up our space a little!” Off to put “Mint” in the search bar and find some inspiration. Then, if you have a particular style or theme you love you can always add that keyword to the search bar too. For example, you could try, mint unicorns, mint trianglesor if you are searching for a very specific idea you can put that idea in quotes like, "mint cats".

Here are a few mint designs that could lend a bright and fun energy to a more neutral space.  

And, one of my absolute favorite ‘color’ go-to’s is always black and white.

Start With a Product You Love

The final approach we’ll cover is to start with a single design that you love. Once you've found one, you can use a mix of the above approaches to building an exciting set of products to go with your ‘star’ product selection.  

Here I started with “Black Cat Faces” pillow (far left) designed by msjordankay and then decided to explore the cat theme, the watercolor theme, and the pinky coral theme a little further through Roostery search. Even though these designs don’t ‘match’, when you place them around a space they will create a playful sense of cohesion through color and theme that you truly couldn’t find anywhere else.

Here’s to having fun mixing and matching designs from the Roostery marketplace! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at




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